"Don't be readin' my mind between four and five. That's Willie's time."

Kim to Jake: “You have to be dedicated to eating your pie.”

Forgotten link. http://bit.ly/d3SxqK #thesiswp #gpl

RT @sol: The names BP comes up with for fixes to the oil well spill sound more like names of failed villains in The Running Man.

If I learned anything from the #thesiswp dustup, it is that WP developers will think this GPL plugin can’t run in the browsers it supports.

RT @newsyc20: Apple Donates MacPaint Source Code To Computer History Museum http://bit.ly/csWtqV (http://bit.ly/bfSYao)

RT @compcyclistroad: The most honest, unguarded, eye-opening pro blog entry so far in the Tour. http://is.gd/dzq1t

RT @jamiestephens: My cheap Canon scanner/printer combo won’t scan unless I replace the empty ink cartridge. Awesome.

RT @robrasmussen: if you care about the tour, big finish coming up and armstrong is in the breakaway.

RT @jmwolfinbarger: 26,506 lines of code that changed the world: http://www.computerhistory.org/highlights/macpaint/

RT @sweetlew: Today’s Note: 7 day trend on @newrelic’s data collection service. 4ms / 70,000+ rpm! http://bit.ly/9994Hd